Aettenberg Trail

This energetic walk leaves the car park in Gypsera and leads to the Alpage du Stoss refuge via the Ättenberg, before heading steeply downhill to Zollhaus.

SwitzerlandMobility: route 284
Schwarzsee, Gypsera - Schwarzsee, Zollhaus

The section from the Schwarzsee, towards Lengmoos to the Ättenberg, requires a level of physical fitness. But anyone who manages the climb will be rewarded with a breathtaking view. The panoramic view over the Sense Oberland, the snow-covered mountain chalets and the surrounding mountains offers a memorable winter experience. The Kaiseregg, Spitzflue, Chörblispitz, Combiflue and numerous other peaks in the Bernese and Fribourg Pre-Alps are all visible.
The snowshoe trail is quite steep almost immediately. Crossing the forest, you reach the first summit shortly after Ober Hürli. The path is relatively flat until it climbs towards the Ättenberg, the highest point on the trail, at over 1,600 metres. Herds of oxen, cattle and sheep graze here during the summer. The Ättenberg region is also one of the last refuges for animal species that live in mountain forests, such as the large grouse. In winter, the atmosphere is calm and peaceful.
The trail now continues on a gentle downward slope to the Alpage du Stoss refuge, but is then very steep for around three kilometres. Once you reach the bottom, there is a hiking trail towards the Schwarzsee along the Sense. The final section can also be done by bus. The cold Sense, which rises around Gantrisch and the warm Sense, from the Schwarzsee, come together at Zollhaus, your destination.

Ascents: 600 m
Descents: 800 m




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