Schwarzsee, essentiel spot of the Singine, and the Gantrisch natural park are the main attractions of this VTT trail. This tour offers a fantastic landscape diversity and some easy and difficult sections.

From the point of departure, you are heading to Zollhaus by a splendid single trail along the Singine. Then you arrive at the ridge of Salzmatt passing by Sangernboden, the Muscherenschlund, the alpine pastures of Spittelgantrisch, Gantrischli, Schönenboden, Steiners Hohberg and Geissalp. Thanks to a mountain path, you arrive in the Riggisalp valley then return at the point of departure with the pedestrian path Hürlisboden – Mittler Staldener. At the alpine pasture Gantrischli, taste its savourous cheese produced on site. Most of the alpine pastures on the path are open to the public.

Highlights :
• Schwarzsee and its Gantrisch natural park
• The single trail between Schwarzsee and the Geissalpbrügg
• The quiet valley of Muscherenschlund
• The view from the Salzmatt ridge on the Prealps

Varia A: The tour can be shortened going directly from Steiners Hohberg to Schwarzsee via Chli Ättenberg (from Steiners Hohberg, no more GPS-Track). This varia is also adapted for E-Bike tours.

The sections Geissalpbrügg – Sangernboden – Spitz and Schönenboden – Steiners Hohberg and Geissalp – Salzmatt are asphalted. The mountain path from Salzmatt to the alpine pasture from Hürlisboden requires a good mountain bike control.
At the Gantrischli, a spiced cheese is produced. Most of the alpine pastures on the path are open to the public.




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