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Bikeclub Sense Oberland
1716 Plaffeien

+41 (0)26 419 34 14

Explore our region on two wheels. And of course, in addition to racing routes for the pros, we also have the perfect trip for any level of difficulty, from easy to ultra-challenging.

Mountain bike course - Plaffeien
- 14 artificial obstacles
- 2,5 miles course
- 40 different techniques
- Ideal for beginners to acquire a good basis and for advanced to optimize the different techniques

Bike Park - Plaffeien
The all-weather-installation covers a surface of 3000 square yards and provides enough space for the start ramp, 10 obstacles (steep face curves, dirt jumps, three-way obstacles) and trial grounds.

"Bike Cross" refers to a combination of mountain bike and BMX and is available as well. The racetrack can be used by four bikers simultaneously and the 270-yards track is built to enable consecutive rounds.

Trial implies that the biker, if ever possible, does not dismount during the overcoming of the obstacle. There is no standard technique to overcome the obstacles. This activity is not primarily focused on the amount of time it takes to do this.

Some obstacles are built from logs, pallets, concrete elements and pieces of rock permitting to rebuild them according to the proficiency of the biker.

The park is managed by the bikers association.

There is no admission charge for the park.

Bikeclub Sense Oberland
1716 Plaffeien

+41 (0)26 419 34 14

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