Barefoot trail - Heitenried

Barfussweg Heitenried
1714 Heitenried

The barefoot trail as your Sunday stroll: have fun, experience the pure nature and perceive with all your senses.

On the 250m long trail you can experience the nature in a way you are not used to anymore. Take your shoes off, feel the different materials on the ground and put your feet in the water!
At the end, you have the possibility to clean your feet.

Going barefoot is an excellent natural medicine
- it stimulates the cardiovascular system and activates the circulation
- it stimulates the immune system
- it strengthens the veins and prevents from varicose veins
- the direct contact with earth reduces stress, helps to relax and widens your consciousness
- it regulates blood pressure
- it improves concentration
- it mobilizes muscles, ligaments and joints

The trail is accessible free of charge.

Barfussweg Heitenried
1714 Heitenried

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