The Monk's step (Le Pas du Moine)

1716 Schwarzsee

"May it be written here for eternity". These were the words of the monk who delivered the region from the snakes that infested it. You can still see the trace of his foot in the stone.

Legend has it that snakes were swarming in these pastures, sliding into the chalets, curling around the cows' necks and making the cream turn sour. The cowherds sought the help of a monk. Through prayer, he managed to gather together all the reptiles and send them to the lake, where they drowned. Striking the stone with his foot, the monk left his mark on it for eternity.

Since that day, the grateful herdsmen have brought delicious cheeses to the convent of La Valsainte every year.

The footprint had become less visible over time. The sculptor Ernest Ruffieux renovated the mark, recreating the miracle for hikers at the Brecca.

1716 Schwarzsee

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